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Service Contracts from RED E

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A service contract gives you office hours support for your online activities. These can include your website, newsletters, social media feeds, SEO and retail systems.

A service contract can also ensure that regular tasks are done on time. These might include database exports/imports, analytics reviews, planning meetings and staff training.

Having a service contract from Red E is like having an on-site ICT expert at a fraction of the cost. Contracts start at £120 per month for a nominal four hour support package. This could comprise, for example, around 16 contacts by telephone or e-mail with minor follow up work. Contact details can be given to as many staff as you like and unused time carried forward.

Red E recommends BaseCamp for project management and a BaseCamp project management site is included in each contract. You can use BaseCamp to assign tasks to Red E and even collaborate within your own team on other work.

Please call for more details.

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