Exact match domains

Lets Talk Print have an unintuitive domain

Domains with an exact match to what the company does (Exact Match Domains or EMDs) no longer have an advantage over other domains in Google. Google took action over misleading EMDs redirecting visitors to irrelevant sites so they now confer no advantage and may even be ppenalised.

So what is the alternative?

Red E worked with Let’s Talk Group to optimise letstalkprint.co.uk for Google. Part of the SEO challenge was to ensure that letstalkprint.co.uk could be found by searching for “lets talk” as well as other more targeted terms such as “printers Dundee”. Let’s Talk Group could not assume people would either remeber their domain name or work it out.

So using Google’s own advice and well known plug-ins for WordPress we succeeded in getting the client’s site to number three in Google for the search term “lets talk”.

The methods the client will use to promote the brand are varied but this SEO task will ensure that a company with a non-intuitive but memorable name is not penalised when customers who have seen the logo but not the domain look for them in Google.

Of course there are many other ways of promoting your website beyond Google esearch results. Red E can provide ideas to help your organisation or business improve its online presence. Call to find out more.


Diversity Matters

Screen visual of Diversity Matters website showing the site on laptop, tablet and mobile viewports

Screen visual of Diversity Matters

The Diversity Matters project provided a fully editable website with options for embedded video, social media, galleries and other rich content accessed through the easy to use Visual Composer plug-in. Red E provided on-site training to Diversity Matters staff.

Red E optimised existing site content, including photographs from events such as workshops and conferences. Reduced and optimised, the images were then integrate dinto attractive galleries at a resolution high enough for flip-chart content to be read  but without putting undue data-use demands on mobile users.

Red E is able to batch optimise and upload images for use in websites and newsletters so that clients can avoid having to pay for costly image optimisation software and the training required to use it.

Let’s Talk Group, Dundee

Screen visual of Lets Talk Print, Dundee, showing the website on three different platforms

Screen visual of Lets Talk Print, Dundee

The Let’s Talk Group project combined several pre-existing websites into one.

This helps to promote other aspects of the business to existing customers and concentrates the Google optimisation effort into one place.

The site quickly reached third place for the search term “lets talk” which for such a generic phrase is a very good result.

For more about optimising an unintuitive domain name see the blog post about exact match domains.

The site also features:

  • a fully mobile optimised design (responsive framework)
  • an intuitive content management system which allows every part of the site to be edited
  • integrated SEO tools
  • page templates

Aurum Biosciences

Screen visual of Aurum website

Screen visual of Aurum website

The Aurum Biosciences site was developed very quickly ahead of investor launch in the United States.

Red E put Aurum in touch with a graphic designer to redevelop the company branding at short notice. All other graphics were done by Red E. A custom styled Twitter feed was added to the homepage using Javascript.