Cambo Institute website

Cambo Institute website

Cambo Institute

The Institute was formed in 1998, to provide learning, training and volunteering opportunities in environment, heritage, arts, culture and horticulture at Cambo Estate.

Demand for these opportunities has grown dramatically and Cambo Institute now wishes to safeguard the activities of the charity by converting heritage buildings on Cambo Estate for charitable use and ensure an income for the future sustainability of the charity.

The Cambo Institute website was developed and is maintained by the client using Adobe Dreamweaver. A complete site reorganisation and redesign was done in 2014. This was achieved primarily by replacing the CSS file, amending the navigation and adding a few attendant header and footer sections. The home page was reorganised with calls to action and social-media share and follow links. This work met the requirements of the funding bodies without the expense of developing a new site.

Red E maintain this site and provide ongoing support to the client at no extra cost. All Red E clients receive office-hours support by e-mail and/or telephone. Most minor issues – minor site amendments, support with mailing lists or help with a CMS – are attended to free of charge. This adds significantly to the long-term value of a website from Red E Web Design.