Puck’s Lodge

Puck’s LodgeScreen visual of Whitmuir Community Farm is a holiday cabin by the side of Loch Eck in Argyll. The client needed a site that would emphasise the location’s relaxed, beautiful and remote location. Keywords were chosen to convey these aspects of the place and bring something of the area’s Gaelic culture to the design.

The new site is mobile friendly, search engine optimised and has an easy to use content management system. It handles online booking as well as availability and contact details.

Whitmuir Community Benefit Society

Screen visual of Whitmuir Community Benefit Society

Screen visual of Whitmuir Community Benefit Society

The society wanted to add a content management system and improve search engine and mobile performance.

New content was written and a fresh, simple design chosen to best present the new information on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.

A gallery system was decided on as the most convenient way to present the slides used at the Field of Enquiry events. The CMS allows these to be annotated,  slides to be re-ordered and removed and new slides to be added.

The front page uses a grid layout system which allows new feature content to be added as a further row of three items or as a replacement for the existing items.

Every element of the website is editable using the CMS. Development time was under two weeks.

Nourish Scotland

Screen visuals of Nourish Scotland responsive framework design

Screen visuals of Nourish Scotland responsive framework design

A clean and simple site to present the policy side of Nourish Scotland’s engagement with local sustainable food production in Scotland.

We selected images from the client’s wonderful photo archive and used them to underline the attractions of their policies, projects and conferences.

The site was redesigned in 2016 to add a responsive framework to improve its performance on mobile devices and boost search engine ranking. Since 2015 Google’s search engine has demoted websites which do not have a responsive framework.

ReDesign Network East Lothian

Screen visuals of ReDesign Network website showing the homepage on laptop, tablet and smartphoneReDesign Network needed a site to sell products and promote workshops. It had to have a content management system that was easy to use and work on mobile devices. And people had to be able to find it on Google.

The homepage challenge was to feature content from the shop and the workshop calendar and highlight a single product in a way that could be changed later using the CMS.

We updated the existing website theme to one which works on mobile devices. We reworked the existing content, added online retail and set up a search engine optimisation system. We ensured that both the shop and calendar could be filtered by visitors looking for specific items such as hand-painted furniture or half-day classes. We also added security and site back-up systems.

We added content prior to relaunch, optimised the content for Google indexing and delivered CMS training to the client.

Illusion’E Agency

Screen visual of Illusion'E Agency website on three different screens

Screen visual of Illusion’E Agency website on three different screens

Illusion’E Agency is a management agency representing artists appearing and producing music for venues from Ibiza to Seoul.

Illusion’E needed to showcase their rapidly expanding roster in a way that was easy to access on mobile devices. It needed to be easy to update themselves and easy to optimise for Google visibility. The site has spam protected contact and booking forms, embedded multimedia, an attractive homepage grid layout with roll-over effects. It also has an unusual dynamic menu system which allows embedded forms and news feeds.

The site development time was less than three weeks. Red E designed the simple logo and provided versions for a range of other platforms. We set up newsletter sign-up and fulfilment, handled all Google Search Console tasks and implemented back-up and security fetures for the client’s peace of mind.

Technologies: WordPress; 3rd party theme, 3rd party menu system; Essential Grids; Yoast SEO; MailChimp.

Scotland the Bread – homegrown bread for a healthy future

Screen visual of Scotland the Bread

Scotland the Bread website by Red E Web Design

Scotland the Bread – homegrown bread for a healthy future required a website which explained their exciting project in an engaging way.

They needed to take orders for their share offer as well as subscriptions and donations. We used WordPress and WooCommerce with the Min/Max and Additional Fields extensions and a “name your price” plug-in to meet their varied retail requirements. Later updates include the option to take bookings for events and a fully featured membership management system with discounts and other exclusive offers available through the website and online promotions.

The photography and text was provided by the client after a theme had been chosen. Although we would usually scope the site content and functions before working out a design, this approach ensured the client didn’t lose sight of the visual impact they wanted the final site to have. The client’s photography was central to the success of this approach. The photography, prominently featured on the homepage is a perfect match for the calls to action and introduction.

Initial development time was four weeks.

Let’s Go Scotland Letting Agency

Screen visual of Lets Go Scotland website by Red E Web Design east Lothian

Lets Go Scotland

We replaced the old Let’s Go Scotland site with a mobile-friendly (responsive) site with an attractive homepage. This made the most of the beautiful photography the client brought to the project.

The text follows the guidelines provided by Red E at the on-site training session. These guidelines ensure that the site is engaging, indexable, scannable and actionable. All the copy was written by the client.

The content management system (CMS) allows the client to edit every part of the design from the pages and posts to the banner images, headers and footers. The CMS also provides a comprehensive integrated guide to search engine optimisation. An SEO scoring system on every page and post highlights improvements which can be made to meta-data and on-page content. Red E completed the Google Search Console work required, including site-map submission, canonicalisation and site verification.

Diversity Matters

Screen visual of Diversity Matters website showing the site on laptop, tablet and mobile viewports

Screen visual of Diversity Matters

The Diversity Matters project provided a fully editable website with options for embedded video, social media, galleries and other rich content accessed through the easy to use Visual Composer plug-in. Red E provided on-site training to Diversity Matters staff.

Red E optimised existing site content, including photographs from events such as workshops and conferences. Reduced and optimised, the images were then integrate dinto attractive galleries at a resolution high enough for flip-chart content to be read  but without putting undue data-use demands on mobile users.

Red E is able to batch optimise and upload images for use in websites and newsletters so that clients can avoid having to pay for costly image optimisation software and the training required to use it.

Let’s Talk Group, Dundee

Screen visual of Lets Talk Print, Dundee, showing the website on three different platforms

Screen visual of Lets Talk Print, Dundee

The Let’s Talk Group project combined several pre-existing websites into one.

This helps to promote other aspects of the business to existing customers and concentrates the Google optimisation effort into one place.

The site quickly reached third place for the search term “lets talk” which for such a generic phrase is a very good result.

For more about optimising an unintuitive domain name see the blog post about exact match domains.

The site also features:

  • a fully mobile optimised design (responsive framework)
  • an intuitive content management system which allows every part of the site to be edited
  • integrated SEO tools
  • page templates

Aurum Biosciences

Screen visual of Aurum website

Screen visual of Aurum website

The Aurum Biosciences site was developed very quickly ahead of investor launch in the United States.

Red E put Aurum in touch with a graphic designer to redevelop the company branding at short notice. All other graphics were done by Red E. A custom styled Twitter feed was added to the homepage using Javascript.