Falkland Centre for Stewardship

Falkland Centre for Stewardship websiteFalkland Centre for Stewardship

There’s an interesting Open Country feature on the work of the Centre for Stewardship.

Red E has visited this beautiful estate, the converted stables, the Pillars of Hercules café and the village of Falkland many times. We’ve bought organic food, enjoyed the Big Tent Festival and walked the grounds.

Different members of staff look after different parts of the site. Red E replaced the well used but dated Contribute system on the centre’s own server with a new WordPress based CMS and delivered onsite training to staff.

The new website is optimised for mobile devices which is an advantage for visitors to the estate. The new system moves most SEO tasks in-house to save money and improve Google rankings.

The redevelopment cost less than the original site and dispensed with the need for costly CMS software.


Physical Health Personal Training

Mock-up of PHPT website on multiple screensPhysical Health Personal Training already had a WordPress website from another developer but it had become corrupted and the installation could not be updated.

Red E worked with PHPT over a few hour-long consultation sessions to get the site back up and running with a fresh, new theme, security and back-up plug-ins and an updated installation of WordPress. A booking system was integrated and training provided so that updates and site edits could be done by PHPT.

New photography helped to lift the site’s look and feel. Marketing advice helped to focus the purpose of the site’s content. The new improved PHPT site conveys a lively and positive impression.

Time to redevelop the site: 6 hours.