“Website developers shouldn’t register domains for clients. If the developer is hit by a bus the client will have trouble reclaiming the domain” A. N. Other Developer


While we don’t routinely wish one another under buses, as developers we may wish to help our clients avoid problems and delays.

A client once sent us all their employees’ pets’ names in the hope that one was the answer to the security question needed to reclaim their domain. None was.

If we register domains and set up hosting and mail accounts we get the passwords we need straight away, we avoid the problem of lost log-in details and we choose the best hosting company and registrant.

Yet we don’t register domains on behalf of clients. 

We maintained a domain and website for a client for three years after he had stopped trading. We assumed he was just slow at answering our e-mails. But regardless of the potential problems for developers, legally your domain should be registered in your name with your e-mail address as the technical contact.

If your developer handles your domain registration in their name, take it back. Transferring a domain to another account is much easier than it once was. Especially between accounts with the same registrant.

And watch out for buses.