Good and bad e-mails

PHP Update notice (good)
Domain Service Expiration Offer (bad)

I received these e-mails earlier this year. They both ask me to take action. One is genuine the other is spam.

The first, an “Important Reminder” was from a genuine 1and1 e-mail address and explained changes to the hosting at 1and1. Their servers are being upgraded. You are offered the choice of continuing to use older server software PHP 5.5 (for a charge) or upgrade free to PHP 7.0. This is a genuine notice and unless you have a good reason to continue using PHP 5.5 you should make the upgrade by following the instructions.

Here is a screen shot of the top of the e-mail:

The second e-mail, a “Domain Service Important Notice” was from, a company I don’t have a contract with. The message claimed there was an expiration date connected to one of my domains.

Misleading e-mails

Reading further revealed the expiration date was on an offer for an SEO package. But the presentation was designed to look like a domain renewal notice.

Here is a screen shot of the top of the e-mail:

If you require advice about any e-mail you receive please do get in touch.

Exact match domains

Lets Talk Print have an unintuitive domain

Domains with an exact match to what the company does (Exact Match Domains or EMDs) no longer have an advantage over other domains in Google. Google took action over misleading EMDs redirecting visitors to irrelevant sites so they now confer no advantage and may even be ppenalised.

So what is the alternative?

Red E worked with Let’s Talk Group to optimise for Google. Part of the SEO challenge was to ensure that could be found by searching for “lets talk” as well as other more targeted terms such as “printers Dundee”. Let’s Talk Group could not assume people would either remeber their domain name or work it out.

So using Google’s own advice and well known plug-ins for WordPress we succeeded in getting the client’s site to number three in Google for the search term “lets talk”.

The methods the client will use to promote the brand are varied but this SEO task will ensure that a company with a non-intuitive but memorable name is not penalised when customers who have seen the logo but not the domain look for them in Google.

Of course there are many other ways of promoting your website beyond Google esearch results. Red E can provide ideas to help your organisation or business improve its online presence. Call to find out more.


Domain Registration

“Website developers shouldn’t register domains for clients. If the developer is hit by a bus the client will have trouble reclaiming the domain” A. N. Other Developer


While we don’t routinely wish one another under buses, as developers we may wish to help our clients avoid problems and delays.

A client once sent us all their employees’ pets’ names in the hope that one was the answer to the security question needed to reclaim their domain. None was.

If we register domains and set up hosting and mail accounts we get the passwords we need straight away, we avoid the problem of lost log-in details and we choose the best hosting company and registrant.

Yet we don’t register domains on behalf of clients. 

We maintained a domain and website for a client for three years after he had stopped trading. We assumed he was just slow at answering our e-mails. But regardless of the potential problems for developers, legally your domain should be registered in your name with your e-mail address as the technical contact.

If your developer handles your domain registration in their name, take it back. Transferring a domain to another account is much easier than it once was. Especially between accounts with the same registrant.

And watch out for buses.